China unveils Scheme to Control of Air pollution in 28 cities around Beijing, Tianjin & Hebei


On October 16, the Ministry of Ecological Environment issued the "Scheme for Comprehensive Control of Air pollution in Autumn and Winter in 28 cities around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei". In order to promote the continuous improvement of ambient air quality in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and its surrounding areas, the Plan has formulated six main tasks and six safeguard measures, including adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure, speeding up the adjustment of the energy structure, and actively adjusting the transportation structure. Among them, the "plan" requires that all localities should, in accordance with the requirements of the local industrial restructuring and high-quality development of iron and steel, building materials, coking, and chemical industries, refine and decompose the tasks of 2019, clarify the main equipment corresponding to the elimination of production capacity, and ensure that they are completed on time and make phased progress.

The plan points out that Hebei, Shandong, and Henan should increase the reduction of independent coking enterprises in accordance with the goal of reaching a ratio of coke production capacity to iron and steel production capacity of about 0.4 by the end of December 2020. Shandong and Henan actively promote the reduction of carbon production lines for aluminum under 100000 tonnes.

The plan also proposed that the ultra-low emission transformation of the iron and steel industry should be implemented with high standards. All localities should strengthen their organization and leadership and properly implement the opinions on promoting the implementation of ultra-low emissions in the iron and steel industry. All provinces (cities) should speed up the formulation of ultra-low emission transformation plans for the local iron and steel industry, systematically organize ultra-low emission transformation work, and determine annual key projects.

In addition, Hebei Province should speed up the reduction of pig iron blast furnaces and converters under 1000 cubic meters for steelmaking. Hebei, Shanxi and Shandong speed up the reduction of coke oven with a height of 4.3 meters in carbonization chamber with long furnace life and poor furnace condition.