Metalloinvest Increases Energy Efficiency at Ural Steel


Metalloinvest has implemented a largescale project to modernise the thermal power plant at Ural Steel. Mr Andrey Varichev CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest said that “Modernisation of an independent generator using modern technology is an important part of the comprehensive production development programme at Ural Steel. The new machinery with a high input-output ratio will increase energy efficiency at the enterprise. This will cut our energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions and reduce costs relating to equipment maintenance.”

Part of the Ural Steel thermal power plant project involves the construction of a new complex with two medium pressure boilers, each with a capacity of 220 tonnes of steam per hour. Commissioning of the boilers has been scheduled for the second half of 2020. Reconstruction of the water purification facility #3 and installation of the unique automated chemical treatment unit of water from salts is ongoing. This enables the production of 300 tonnes per hour of distilled water, which is required for the continuous operation of high-pressure unit boilers. Commissioning of the equipment has been scheduled for December 2020.

In April 2019, the electrical equipment in coupling transformer #2 was successfully replaced. The coupling transformer #3 will be also replaced.

Renovation of the thermal power plant with subsequent replacement of five high-pressure boilers, turbo-generators and air compressors will take place in the near future.